What is ecolight

The ECOLIGHT outdoor advertising medium is the first high-performance electronic outdoor billboard available in Poland. It enables advertising at an individually chosen place and time, using original designs. It allows advertising layouts to be changed within a single campaign, and for a selected period of time.

Features of ecolight:

  • Display area: 9m2, with an aspect ratio of 2:1 (the ratio which is most friendly to the human eye)
  • Static billboard – with static electronic display, changed in sequences of 10-second images
  • High-quality digital image – and the highest quality of exposition
  • Convenient campaign planning with the help of an online system
  • Ability to change the display in the course of a campaign

Ecolight also means:

  • No costs of producing posters
  • Accessible price
  • Environmental protection and harmony in public spaces

Ecolight is a modern product which is readily available to all.

It is the only product of its kind in Poland!

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Design: Kamikaze
Realization: Empathy